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Trip to Iran for visit Gheshm Geo Park

4.5 out of 5

As well as we talked in our earlier posts “ Gheshm “ is a dreamatic island in south of Iran, Is located in Persian Gulf. This island because of its beautiful natural views, is destination for whomever want to Trip to Iran and also is beloved place for Iran travel agencies too. Many of Iran attractive places are located in this island such as “ Chahkooh” and … The wonderful about this island is its soil, you have seen never like this island. The color of soil Island are consist of enormous spectrum and it is one of the reasons that can attract tourists to itself. This colors are include of Red various spectrum, Brown spectrum, Yellow Spectrum, Green and more than tens another colors. This subject is important for trip to Iran of geologists to visit and Sampling, Experiment and research on island soil. This soil is only Soil Food in the world and local people it used as Spice in their foods. About 11 years ago “Geo park” of island promoted for introducing of this island and its valuable natural archaism for Researchers and natural lovers. And registerd with eight another geo Parks belong to Mexico, China, Spain, France and South Korea. This is can help to Maintain and sustain positive momentum of geological parks and finally it cause to increase Trip to Iran and improve tourism travel and transfer to this area of Iran.The manager of geological parks added : UNESCO will evaluate park’s geology next four years, If they realization goals and programs is successful they vote to remain the name of this park in list of UNESCO. Several other area of ​​Iran, are demand for global introducing and also in register in UNESCO For more information about Iran attractive places keep in touch with us