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Trip to Iran for visit amazing natural park

4.5 out of 5

Iran because of its vast area has several Original natural park that where is habitat for wild animals, you can observe rare animals in their natural place and this subject make you nice feeling. One our suggestion for whomever want to Trip to Iran and if interested in visit natural places, is “ Lar National park “, one of the main natural Iran attractive places that according to quotation of passengers that Have had trip to Iran, have called this place as hidden paradise of Iran. National Parks are consist of valleys, Rivers , mountains, forests, Pastures. This park has a unique and spectacular landscape and you can take a nice photos in this park. The part of this Park is located in Tehran province and another part is located in “Mazandran” Province. The National Park with its beautiful views can gift moments of relaxation and make a happy memory for you. If you travel to Lar National Park in the spring, you can see a field full of poppies flowers.The park because of Lar Dam Lake, a popular destination for fishermen. The “ Lar” area has more than 73500 Hectares area that about half of its, is Natural park. Within this national park and even on the fringes, there is no Trace of Urban or rural space and because of this park is one of the most original Iran parks and is one of the reason that Iran travel agencies nominate this place for holding tours for passengers.“ Div Asiab ” is name of another lake in this park in circle shape form that change its color in different period of times. The most known peak of this area is “ Damavand “ that is symbol of Stability and pride felling for Iranian people. In tomorrow post we will describe more about this Park.If you don’t any information about Iran attractive places and Iran travel agencies and wanna visit Iran, follow us on social medias and ou website fore receive Iran tourism news