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Trip Iran for visit beautiful views

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As wee as all dears know we can divide Iran attractive places in two different part:Historical places Natural places That both of them has Own audience so describe Iran attractive places in categories can help to whomever want to trip to Iran and has not introducing with Iran travel agencies and dosnt know where are best places for visit, so in this term we decide to describe Iran attractive places in daily post.yesterday we had post about one of the natural destination for Iran Travel agencies and also for passengers who want to hold tour in Iran. . Today we keep on Yesterday’s discussion. In this post we talk about activites that you can do it in this Park 1_Excursions in nature 2_Study of Types of plant and animals Its best chance for natural lovers for become familiar with wild life in closely. 3_Fishing The most passengers that want to trip to Iran, know “ Lar National Park ” as the destination for fishing. Season Authorized for the fishing begins from May and continues till September of each year. 4_ Mountaineering This park is beloved place for Mountaineering and “Damavad” peak is most known peak and Many want to conquer it. 5_Picnic and landscape photographyBeautiful and diverse landscapes, wildlife and plants can be good subjects for photography 6_ Bike riding This beautiful are can be nice host for cyclists. Many fans of this sport, in the form of groups and biking tours come to “Lar” and enjoy its beauty. 7_Offroadoffroad in “ Lar” park is for whomever want more exciting we recommend Observe safety issues and help from perfect person. More than 400 type of planet exist in this park that number of 338 of that are permanent and how old are they. Van and Khargushki and thyme (Avshm) and Sheng, lavash, Circus (Tlm), Echinops, sage, Pyazk, wild mushrooms, chicory, barberry, chamomile, yarrow, angelica (Allergan), licorice, galbanum, mountain tea, plantain and Valcke