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Trip to Iran for visit amazing tombs complex

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“ Ardebil “ is name of one of the cites that recently could attracts passengers whomever trip to Iran and is new destination for several Iran travel agencies. “Ardebil “ is beautiful city that many of Iran attractive places are located into this area. Unique and diverse nature of “ Ardebil ” such as Mountains, waterfalls, Forests and jungles, Rivers, Lakes and hot Spring, make it a paradise of Nature Tourism.Ardabil has many natural pristine and beautiful areas that many tourists visit of themeach year.In this post we describe many of boldest Iran attractive places that are located in “ Ardebil “ province, we hope to the posts like this will can guide you to trip to Iran although a bit. “ Shoorabil “ Lake “ Shoorabil “ Lake with area about 120 Hectare. In the past, the lake water is very salty, but today, by pouring fresh water into the salt has lost its. The around of this beautiful you can benefit from Accommodations such as Zoo, Resturants, Amusement Park. “ Sheykh Safio Din “ tomb “ Sheykh Safio Din “ tomb is one of the most known monuments that is located in “ Ali ghapoo” Sqaure. This tomb is belongs to more than 800 years ago that after death of “ Shekh safi” , his son built this structure for his Deprived father. After “ Esmael king “ became king and nominated “ Ardebil “ as his capital for “ Safavid “ found out worth as well as after his died he testate for locating his tomb surround of this structure. The entrance has beautiful The section of this structure are consist of “ Janat sara “ mosque that has Octagonal shape form and it used for “ Sama and Soofianeh “ dance“ Ghandil Khaneh”“ Chini khaneh “ “Shelter” and “ Library”In tomorrow post we will describe more about “ Ardebil “. please follow us in social medias and introduce us to your friends