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Trip to Iran for visit Amazing Ardebil

4.5 out of 5

In the keep on yesterday’s post , we introduce Iran attractive places that is located in “ Ardebil “ province so if you want to trip to Iran and you have not introduce with Iran travel agencies, stay tuned with us. “ Fandoghloo jungle “This beautiful jungle is located in 30 K.M from “ Ardebil ” city. The forest,has a lot rare native plants and Local people cometo jungle in the summer to eat alive fruits such as wolfberry fruit strawberries, green tomatoes, raspberries and apples.In the corner of this jungle is hot water spring that people use from its Health benefits. This jungle keep on to beautiful “ Gardene Heyran “ road that is fame between Iranian people and has really eye-catching views. “ the main Ardebil Bazaar “ This Bazaar is located in heart of “ Ardebil “ city. This Bazaar has beautiful architecture, you can observe elegance Arch with tiling and beautiful paintings on the walls. The archaism of Bazaar reaches to “ safavid” era. For more lighting place many holes on above domes for shining of sun light into the Bazaar. The segments of bazaar include of Main Bazaar, draperies part and etc. if one day you have trip to Iran and want to visit “ Ardebil “, visit this Bazaar is our definetly suggestion as the one of the Iran attractive places for you and also can buy Souvenir as The Iran Memento. “ Shater” tower For visit this amazing tower you have to leave “ Ardebil “ for reach to “ Someh ” village. In the surround of this village are several Historical hills that its choose as destination for many of Iran travel agencies for history Lovers. The archaism of hills reaches to before ISLAM era ( more than 1400 years ago)