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Trip to Iran for visit mysterious cemetery

4.5 out of 5

As well as we all know Iran is land of wonder and legends. If we describe Approximately all of the Iran attractive places has interesting story that many of them has lost during the history.One of these Iran attractive places that is not destination for most of Iran travel agencies and because of this reason unfortunately is unknown place for whomever interested in Trip to Iran, is “ Sefid Chah ” cemetery. we hope to have roll in introducing these places for your dears, is your case attention. In North of and has nice and Balanced climate, is village that the reason of being famous is historical cemetery, according to historical references is first Iran Muslems cemetery. Local people believes to white soil don’t let molder their dead bodies or if their bodies burial in this amazing cemetery, Their sins will be forgiven. These beliefs cause to people of surrounded villages come here for funeral their dead corpses.Another interesting thing about this place is locating tomb stones in vertical form. You can observe hobs of dead person in these stones. Iranian people in the past used to crave their hobs on tombstones and for highlighting, Inside the tombs buried a man or woman, have Engraved amazing symbols which these roles has beautied to this place. Additional of these subjects three holy shrine are located in this place, in the names of “ Ebrahim “ , “ Mansoor” and “ Abdolrahamn “ and wooden chest exist here and native people protect this chest like their eyes.This post just describe briefly and you should to trip to Iran and visit this place with your eyes.If you want to come here you can use Iran travel agencies, or want to planing tour with private itinerary. Please follow us on social medias and introduce us to your friends.