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Trip to Iran for visit amazing forts

4.5 out of 5

“ Ghazvin “ is name of province in west of Capital Iran that has nice and balanced climate. Many of amazing forts and castles are located in this province that all of them are Iran attractive places and annual many of tourists trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies for visit these amazing castles. We described “ Alamoot castle “ in previous post and today we are going to talk about “ Meymoon castle “ (monkey castle) that has historical archsaism and is belongs to “ Sasanid “ era (more than 1500 years ago) , it used to military castle in “ Ale booye “ era and its located in east of “ Shah zade Hossein “ tomb, in south of “ Ghazvin “ city and has registered in Cultural heritage of Iran.This fort has two main floors with spare room and nowadays you can observe clearly remain of eight towers. The castle has square form shape Approximate dimensions of 70 by 70 meters which are made 30*30 bricks with concrete mortar. The lower floor of the East Monkey Castle Hill with three tunnels leading to West Hill. And a North-south tunnel connect these hotels together. Some of the pottery obtained in the castle of its application to the “Sassanid” era and the “Buwayhid” era. Archaeological studies show that the lower floor was used as a prison under the earth. About the reason of naming of the castle according to references in “ Bani abas “ era.Haroun – who came to power after his brother on the way of “ Khorasan” entered “ Ghazvin “.And ordered to build a mosque in the city and also built a big wall around the city then freed one of his slave in the name of “ mobarak” and because in persian “ Mobarak “ and “ Meymoon” has equal meaning.If you want to trip to Iran and u have not introducing Iran attractive places and Iran travel agencies, can keep in touch with us.