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Trip to Iran for test pure healthly Iranian foods

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Our today post is not about Iran attractive places. Its about one of the Iran attraction and is different from another post. In this post we try to describe many of Iranian foods that are one of the most Popular foods in the world and every year thousands tourists trip to Iran for taste these delicious foods so that recently many of Iran travel agencies have hold food tours for Enthusiasts. As well as we all know food tourism is one of the main subcategoryOf Tourism and annual many travel happen for this subject.We can divide foods in categories Rice Stews Ash Desserts Kebabs Pastries Polos Broad range of Iranian food is very vast, these foods are consist of traditional Ice cream and Faloodeh- Variety of Kebab such as Kubideh, Barg and … – Eshkane -Polos such as Baghali polo, Zereshk polo – variety of Ash such Ashe Reshte, Kashak and .. – eshkaneh – variety of stews such Vegtable, Gheymeh, Kangar, Karafs, Abgoosht, Kufteh, Kalepache ( is one of the ten horrible foods in the world ), Dolmeh, Stanbooli and Desserts such as Shole zard, Fereni, Kachi, Shir berenj, samanoo, ranginak , Halva and … . sweets such as zoolbia baeme, Angosht opich, Aris, Baslogh, Baghlva, Pashmak , Ghotab, Reshte be Reshte and sohan . if we want to name it take long time, so we suggest you Trip to Iran and taste closely. these foods are made of natural materials and in this term Iranian people has one of the Most healthy foods in the world. If you want to travel to Iran and you are fan of delicious food, you can nominate our food tours. In this tour additional to visit Iran attractive places and introduce closely by rich history of Iran, benefit from these foods.In future post we talk more about this Iran ttraction.Please follow us on social medias