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“ Sa’ad abad” is host of Workshop of international Tourism

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As well as all we know “Tehran” as main destination of Iran travel agencies where is known S the “city of Palaces between whomever had Trip to Iran. These Iran attractive places have spreaded in different points of “Tehran”. One of these Iran attractive places is “Saad abad” complex include of several palaces that are located in “Darband” neighberhood with nice climate with area about 110 Hecatres. “Aaadabad” has elapsed four different era. “Qajr” era, “ First and second Pahlavi” era and after that 1977 revolution. “Saas Abad” was built during the “Qajar” period and was summer residences (summer) the kings of this dynasty. The sections of complex include of :“Bahman” palace“ahmad shahi” palacePrivate palace“Mother” palace“green” palace“white” museum and palace“water” museum“Karbas” palace“Master Behzad” palace“ enduring faces “ museum“ baradarne omidvar” museum and …Travel and tourism workshop coincided with the celebration of Heritage Week held in the “Baradaran Omidvar” Museum at the complex historical “ Saad abad”. “Karbaschi” responsible “Bardaran Omidvar” Museum said: workshops “Travel and Tourism” will be held one day per month to tourism, for enthusiasts to tell their experiences. He added that all interested parties can participate in the workshop and expressing all the experiences of domestic and international travel and express all stages of the trip, including tickets, visas, accommodation, sights, customs and culture of each region, fieldwork and their personal knowledge in this field and showing video and every Factor that can play role in Trip to Iran. Museum officials “ Baradarane omidvar” museum said first workshop heldon the second Tuesday of June, with attended lectures of “Esa Omidvar” at the museum And subsequent workshops will be announced later.If you want to visit Iran and have not introduce very well Iran attractive places or Iran travel agencies, shoult to keep in touch with us