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Trip to Iran for visit oldest adobe structure

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The oldest adobe building in the world was unveiled in “Alborz” Province If you interested in Historical places, Iran as main destination of historical lover is our suggest for you, because of amazing Iran attractive places and also to have big number of natural places is suggest destination from UNESCO and its cause to increase Trip to Iran and finally Burgeon of Iran travel agencies. Our today post is about one of these Iran attractive places that is known because its oldest adobe Structure in the world. The beginning of process of recording and confirming of ancient hill 7 thousand-year-old world as the oldest adobe building the world’s began in “Nazarabad “ city of “ Alborz “ province.The name of this historical site is “ Ozbaki” and is located in west of “Alborz” province. This historical area explored in 6 chapter by doctor “Majid Zadeh” and included of “ Jiran hill “ “ Gomosh hill “ and etc …“ Yan hill ” : In the low-lying have been identified adobe hills architectural remains of five cultural periods “Haztreh” belongs to seventh and sixth BC.“ Maral hill “ : is located in 50 meters from western slopes and is located in “Doshan hill “ way. In this hill have been identified several tombs in Crock form shape A large platform in the second half of the fourth millennium BC. “Uzbek” ancient area ​​has main hill and the satellite hill and in term of historicality and historians has a lot value.Many of historians believes to this place is main history book of Iran because it consist of structures belongs to 9 thousand years ago the first human temples and villages, prehistoric period and in “ Mad “ era.This historical site has hill with 26 meters height and area about 100 Hectares. Uzbek ancient area is located on ​​the agricultural land ofVillage. We will describe more about this place in tomorrow post. If you like to trip to Iran and wanna more about Iran attractive places please keep in touch with us