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Trip to Iran for visit historical site

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In yesterday post, we describe about oldest adobe historical site in the world. We said this site is located in “Nazar abad city” in “ Alborz ” province and is known as “ Uzbaki” hiil. If you want to Trip to Iran and you are interested in trip To Iran and wanna know more about Iran attractive places , stay tuned with us. described about different parts of this site that is fame attractive places and today talk about another sections of this historical site. “Jiran hill” : this hill is located in 250 meter from south east of main hill and 300 meter from east north of “ Yan Hill”. About 800 years ago many Stability was located here, But frequently abandoned and after time have been new deployment ofcourse between The middle of the sixth millennium and o the middle of the second millennium BC there have been mounting. “ Doshan hiil “ : The hill is 250 meters high hills of the West. As a result of excavations of Iron Age architecture has led to the identification belongs to Immigrants who belongs gray clay. The remnants of the era of substance the remains of the three major recent era, the era of substance, Two more ancient period to the early and mid-establishment of the kingdom of the Medes related to the second half of the second millennium. “ Uzbaki hill”: this hill is belongs to middle of second millennium became a big city In the center of town and the archaeological remains of prehistoric, on the hill in 1200 meters above sea level and 26 meter above , a big castle was built in area about 2300 meters and 7 meters height. From this time till end of kingdom era of “ Mads “, three different castles was built on remains the Runis of the castle that last of them was miliarity castle with area about 900 meters. keep in touch with us for receive any information about Iran attractive places or Iran travel agencies please follow us on social medias