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Trip to Iran for Walk on Tourism street

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“ Khoram abad ” is name of one of historical cites of Iran that because of locating main several Iran attractive places , Amazing Natural views and also nice manner of people of this area has changed to destination of Iran travel agencies and beloved place for whomever interested in Trip to Iran. This city has more than 12000 years old archaism and is One of the oldest human settlements and in this term is case attention for Historians. “ khoram abad” is center of “ Lorestan” province.We can said the boldest structure of this local is “ Falakol aflak” fort where is one of the most healthly castles in Iran that has been away from damage and this show quality of materials in and art of built this enermous structure where is has changed to museum Of ancient objectsRecently officials has decided to change street where forward to castles, to tourism path way. According to the head of the city Department of Development and improvement Roads and Urban , “Ferdowsi” Street to Castle will change to walk path for tourists. This year’s renewal, public spaces and urban design were chosen and have started several projects for improvement of space city. “Ferdowsi” Street to Castle as tourism path has financed and operations executive, and ultimately it within the next month will be operational . this is good news for Iran travel agencies and who want to trip to Iran. if you wanna to visit Iran and “ Khoramabad” is one of your nominate cites you can after visit the museum of castle you can walk in this beautiful pathway city and enjoy and introduce from Pure Iranian street.If hou have not inroduce with Iran travel agencies or Iran attractive places, keep in touch with us for receive any information about Iran tourism. Please follow us on social medias