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visit Ica cave, a reason for Trip to Iran

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Iran as one of the Oldest country In the world every year thousands of people Trip to Iran for Visit Iran attractive places.We have post per day about known Iran attractive places that is suggest by most of Iran travel agencies, these posts are reachable in and also you can follow us on all social medias such as instagram, Facebook, Google + and Linkdin We divide these places in two Groups Historical places and natural views. Iran can orgasm your soul easily by visit from unique historical structures and also eye –catching Natural places. Our today post is about one of the natural Iran attractive places where you stay into that, make you amazing feel, Lets introduce it. “Chama” ice cave is located near the “Sheikh Ali Khan” village, 25 kilometers from “Chelgerd” of the central part of the city “Koohrang” in “Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari” Province. “Chama” ice cave located in the “Chama” plains and with great strait and is like a storehouse snowy snow with height up to 50 meters. The layers in the summer are so thin and weak you should to avoided crossing over and into the cave. “Chama” is One of the rarest and most fascinating caves of “Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari” Province. Located in the deep valleysAnd And the accumulation of several years snow caused in this cave. Cressetand huge masses of ice and snow to remain permanently in all seasons. Additional of this, cave is known as biggest sweat water source in Iran because under the ice Layers is river with ice water that eventually shed flows into beautiful “ Kohhrang “ Dam. The cave naming is take from “ Bakhtiari “ Dialect. Despite these unique features this cave is one of the most rare natural places in province and even country that is unknown for Tourists. If you want to Trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies or individiulity, keep in touch with us for receive any tourism information.