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Trip to Iran for stay in enjoyable “Sabalan” tourism area

4.5 out of 5

“sabalan” is name of area in west north of Iran where annual many of tourists Trip to Iran, hust for visi this area. “Sabalan” tourism area where is fame as “sabalan” village tourist is one of the Iran attractive places where is known for Iran travel agencies and because of locating geographic position is population for whomevere interested in Trip to Iran. This site has area about 110 Hectares, is located near of “ Sarab “ Road and “Belgho” river that is consist several hot spring such as ” Borjloo ”, “ Ghirnevje”, “ Dash alti “, “ Gheymesh ti” that “ Borjloo “ or “ Booshli “hot spring with 53 degree Centigrade temperature and “ Ghernejeh “ hot spring with 73 degree Centigrade temperature, Having health benefits such as relieving the pain of arthritis, pain in joints and refreshment, use of them and are more famous than others as the traditional medicine. “ sablan “ means to Recipient of Revelation, its point to The prophet Zarathushtra at this location. Sabalan tourism area because of having a lush, natural hot springs and has investment potential for the construction of residential centers and pools of water. The another tourists places that we suggest for visit in this province are1_ Ardabil-tourism and ecotourism areas in the vicinity of the mineral spa area2_ Daragh Bela areas of Ardabil in the vicinity of the mineral spa and logic ecotourism 3_” kanrogh “ historical site 4_” Bande Kalkhoran” near of the Ardebil5_” DarBand hir ” tourism area6_” Yamchi” dam7_”Pars Abad” tourism area and Lagoon is located in the village of “Niargh kandi”8_” Kosar“ tourism area- “Dash Hamam”9_” Givi” Mineral water recreation complex if you want to Trip to Iran and you have not introduce by Iran attractive places, follow us on social medias