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Trip to Iran for ski in the international resort

4.5 out of 5

Our today post is about one of Iran attractive places that is popular place for Capital people. If you want to Trip to Iran and you are unsure about Iran travel agencies, we invite you to visit blog section on our site for receive unique Information about Iran attractive places or news about Iran tourism. “ Tochal “ Ski resort where is located in north of Tehran in “ Tochal “ neighborhood. Recently because of requests of enthusiasts is change to destination for Iran travel agencies. This tourism sport complex are consist of : Hotel Resort Hotel is located at an altitude of 3545 meters above sea level and has 30 rooms and suites. Ski resort This complex has three various Resorts : Seventh station Resort This resort start from Bottom of “Tochal” peak ( 3850 meters ), and it ends near of hotel (3550 meters). This resort has two pole meyer and has 1200 meters length. Western slope resort The resort is located on the western slopes of the mountain resort. The views of this local is really eye catching Unique views of the mountains surrounding a particular view to the worst track and you can take amazing photos in this resort for memorable from Iran. Track length is 900 meters, the highest point at 3,750 meters and the lowest point of the hotel (3550 m). Ski Resort seventh to fifth station The lentgh of this resort is about 5500 meters that it ends in fifth resort. Mountaineering and Hiking Walk path has 2000 meters length and starts parking and leads to the first station. On this pth you reachs to restaurants, shelter and Two rescue stationIf you are fan of Excitingski sport and you have not Facilities of skiing in your country or waana doing skiin new place, we invite you to Trip to Iran and visit this place.Please follow us on social medias