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Trip to Iran for hear timpaning in the holy shrine

4.5 out of 5

“ Imam Reza “ shrine is most holiest place in Iran and is one of the religious Iran attractive places where is destination for Iran travel agencies. “ imam Reza” is Eighth imam between “ Shea “ muslems and is respected between Iranian people. Among the important places and historic shrine, “Naghareh Khaneh” is now on the Revolution eastern porch floor. groove Decorating and beautiful surroundings “Mogharnas”, Congress of the above, all covered with mosaic tiles This cause to structure has been distinguished. Timpani has long history, according to poem of “ Manoochhri Damghani“ about “ Imam Reza “ pointed to timpaning, we can accept the archaism of timpan, at least reaches to 1000 years ago. In addition to this subject, historical ancient texts refers to timpani at the shrine about 700 years ago. From it till now, its many years that Timpaning happens every year and This service is part of the long tradition of” Astan Quds Razavi “Timpaning over the years except two months of “ Moharram “ and “ Safar “ and other days of mourning, it happens, a few minutes before sunrise and sunset by Formal shrine’s “ Nobat chian “. This old traditional, in effort and trying experts Cultural Heritage Administration of Cultural Heritage, tempaning in the shrine was registered in the list of spiritual and heritage.For timpani banging on the holy shrine. A special place is intended , The beautiful and majestic on the eastern porch of the courtyard of the Old (revolution) and it can visitable from different parts of the shrine,. Locating on the height cause to timpnaing, can be heard in far distant, specially in the morning when city is less crowded , it can heard in the four corner of “ Mashahd “ metropolis. if you want to trip To Iran, we can help you