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amazing mosque a reason for Trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Tehran many Iran attractive places locate in its place that heft of them are mosques and palaces. “ Shahi “ mosque is one of the Iran attractive places where was called “ Imam Khomeyni “, is one of the structures belongs to “ Qajar “ era. This mosque is located in center of capital, in Hear of “ big Bazaar” and it called in the past “ Soltani mosque “, if you want to Trip to Iran and you don’t know Iran travel agencies, our suggest for you is follow us on social medias and bolg section for daily introducing with Iran attractive places.This monument has square shape form with point Symmetry, central yard, four porches in four sides, “ Gonbad khaneh” in south side, 3 main nave in the corners and square pool in center of yard. The mosque dating back about 180 years ago. Is one of the most beautiful historic mosques in Tehran. This mosque has built in order of “ Fathali shah “ so it called “ Masjed shah “ (king mosque). According to evidences this is second historical of Tehran’s Grand Mosque after comprehensive mosque. The south porch tiles and inscriptions in the mosque in the south of mosque shows the date of build. About 150 years ago the main entrance was repaired and after that Two minarets were built on both sides of the main minaret of the mosque in order to “ Naserodin king “.Thus completing its main suppliers could be called “ Naser al-Din Shah Qajar “. This mosque I four porches structure that it’s min naves are locating towards to south part And overall architecture as well as some of the details taken from “Shiraz Vakil Mosque” and in the built of that participate Shirazian artists such another famous historical structures.The locating position because of locating near Bazaar cause to the passengers who trip tip Iran nominate this mosque such as one of the items of schudel that can after visit, go to bazaar for buy souvenirs