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Isfahan will become capital Islamic tourism city

4.5 out of 5

As well as we describe about “ Isfahan” as the one of importance tourism city is reason for trip to Iran and is destination for Iran travel agencies. Man of iran attractive places are located in this city. City of science, art, engineering and technology and named as capital of Iranian culture and civilization and in the close future will be name as the islamic tourism capital. In this terms, “ Zarivigar “ doctor in the inaugural conference of the International Association of South-East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (asahil)that held in “azad isfahan university” said:You come to city of turquoise domes, minarets and historical bridges with a seven thousand years history that was nominated as capital in four times and is among ten ten considered and interest cites. Isfahan governor said that the city of Isfahan has named as half the world by “Marco Polo” 400 years ago. Between visitors city is known as “all the world” with more than thousand works natural heritage and has more than 700 registered national monument on its own and pointed to locating five world international structure in this province. The manger of UNESCO when was in Isfahan said : Isfahan is precious jewel of the world and believes to preserves heritage culture world in “Esfahan”. Isfahan is biggest second Iran cites, 160 units of higher education and 330 thousand students studying in the province, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Isfahan, Islamic Azad University of Isfahan. 70% of the country’s steel, 50 percent of the country’s coal and construction materials as well as 60% of the gold artifacts obtained in this province.If you want to trip to Iran and you dint know enough about Iran attractive places, we suggest to follow us on social medias or blog section on the