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If you research about history and culture of Iran, find Iran as country of art, Science, the literature, Mysticism and Mystics Such as “ Rumi “ that has world fame and The top position among literature’s Fans and also foe whomever looking for inner peace. Our today post is about another known Mystics “ Hafez ” that his tomb is one of the most important Iran attractive places where is main destination for more Iran Travel agencies, so if you want to Trip to Iran please stay tuned with us.“ Hafez “ is famous poet and Mystics, lived about 800 years ago. Most poem of his are consist of “ Ghazal “ (one of the branches and subcategories of Iranian poem style). He is known as the most influential poets after him. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, his poems were translated into European languages ​​and he also became a way to literary circles in the WestHis tomb is located in dreamatic and lovely “ Shiraz “ city in “ Hafezieh “ neighborhood, in the freshmen, fragrance and beauty flowers, is magnific for Trip to Iran as the one of the main “Shiraz” and Iran attractive places. In the language of most people, going to visit the tomb of Hafez known been equivalent Pilgrimage of “Hafeziyeh” and this is show Holiness face of this great man. The area of tomb is about two hectare and its made of north and south section where these sections is separated by pass hall among it. This Hall is belongs to “zandian” era has 56 meters height and 8 meters width and 20 marble stones columns height of each of them is 5 meters. The style of designing and architecture this place is like to “ ARACHAMANID “ era.We describe more about this place in future post