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Local food reason for Trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

as well as we talked in our early post Iran has many several unique foods that many of tourist Trip to Iran additional to visit Iran attractive places, test this local foods. its really nice experience you test foods in order of best and perfect chiefs in mother land of foods. we named many of these foods and today we want to describe local foods of ” south Khorasan ” province. The eastern province of the country has its unique food culture that can be interesting for whomever want to Trip to Iran specially for who want to visit east province of Iran. the main owner of east local foods is ” Birjand ” city( center of south khoorasan province) such as ” Kashk Salari ” and ” Ghorogh Bademjan ” bur many of them has cocked in many of east cites such as ” Eshkane “, ” Balghoore Shir” and ” Ash e Salgham “. for more introduce stay tuned with ” Gapatour “. ” Ash e Shalgham” of ” south Khorasan ” ( Turnip Broth ) Turnip know more when cold and cold season, the Food that has unique material properties and It is also useful in eliminating the disease. South Khorasan turnip soup is one of the traditional foods can be a good choice to eat turnips in winter. In this soup, except turnips used rice, fried onion, ground beef, peas, turmeric, oil, pepper and salt. these contents are enough for control colding and also take little powers. ” Balghoor Polo” this is simple and cheap food that make prepare of that so comfortable and enjoyable. To cook food need in olive oil, onions, chili peppers, tomatoes, salt, pepper, grits and chicken essence.If you are among those who want a cock little different than the local food to closer to your taste, you can Add the mince and potatoes. this local food of ” south Khorasan ” because of high nutritional value, is a perfect food and it provide energy and vitamins. body greatly. if you are going to Trip To Iran with Iran travel agencies or individulity we invite you to additional of visit Iran attractive places, test local foods, we will describe more in future posts