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Local food reason for Trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

in keep on yesterday post, today we are going to describe more about east food of Iran, if you trip to Iran with Iran you should to test Delicious Pure Iranian Foods, we certainly talk more about foods Of another Parts Of Iran In close future. ” Ghort Bademjan of Birjand ” ” Ghort Bademjan ” is one of the traditional foods of east Of Iran specially the main city owner of this food is ” Birjand ” city, the most important material in this food is ” Ghort ” and its make really delicious food. the cock this food is very easy and its take short time. ” Ghort ” is whey of ” Birjand ” city and it has nice taste. Some of the whey falling into the water to soak. A few hours later,the whey going to soft and you can add Walnut to that. This mixture grind with a round stone for exchange powder. Amount of water added to the curd well resolved and after that mixed with Traditional oil. if you use to nomad oil your food taste, will be near to Original taste. In a separate bowl pour the water into a pot and fried onion again. As soon as the boiling, you can take up pot on the gas is removed and will be ready to eat. people of this ARea would like to east this food with ” Tilit ” Such as ” Dizi or Ab gusht ” at the end dont forget eat local vegetables with Local foods Of ” south Khorasan Province ”we invite you to trip to Iran, you can test these delicious foods in Iran Attractive places that cause to you feel more feeling of nomad and traditional foods, ” Gapa tour ” as the on of the most perfect Iran travel agencies hold cock tours specially for ladies, you can learn cock pure Irani an foods from perfect chesfs, for more information please keep in touch with us