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Trip to Iran for visit main Iran attractive places

4.5 out of 5

In keep on our post, today we are going to describe one of the Iran attractive places in “ Tehran “ city. If you want to Trip to Iran, We invite you to visit “ Negarestan museum Garden “. museum Garden “ is one of the Iran attractive places that has old architecture. This Garden has built in order to “ king Fath ali “ in 1807 A.D belongs to “ Qajar “ era, for his summer Residence. This monument is so valuable, in terms of history, Architecture, art that use in this places, position and also the objects show for public. Stay tuned with “ Gapa tour “ For a virtual tour in the gardens … In this garden you can visit “ Kamal ol molk “ museum. You enjoy from all elemans that has used in this beautiful Garden, one of these elemans has inspired from “ Hafezieah “of “Shiraz” city is “ Tehroone Ghadim “ ( Old Tehran ) Cafeteria, having breakfast in this place is so interesting and makes your soul fresh, this café has old Tehran atmosphere and you think you are in the past and this feeling is so amazing. Garden has Pure Iranian Architecture. You can separate yourself from busy Tehran and get relaxing in this Place. The building has built in the pergola Style and has two elegance palaces, in the names of “ Delgosha “ and “ Ghalamdan “.two Rooms with wooden doors and large halls are on either side of the central building of the garden. The garden has 64 rooms, four palaces, library with four 600 meters Foundation. Forums with wall has covered with mirrors , golden motifs and ornate chandeliers cause to tourist know this place as one of the main Tehran and Iran attractive places and if you want to Trip to Iran and wanna stay in Tehran this place is one of our suggestion for visit.We will talk more about this place as main destination for Iran Travel agencies in close future