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trip to Iran for visit Negarestan complex

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We are going to describe more about one of the main Tehran and Iran attractive places and recently get more popular between passengers who interested in Trip to Iran. if you use one of the Iran travel agencies , you can want them for visit “ Nagarestan “ Garden_museum and fit into your travel plan. Yester day we talked about “ Negarestan “ Garden – museum. The garden has been called “ Negarestan “ cause to in this gallery in one of the rooms of the mansion were exhibited large number of paintings (mostly portraits). Painting from best painters of Iran such as “ Mirza jani Naghashi “, “ Mirza baba Naghash “ and “ Abod lahe naghash bashi “. About 70 years ago was built library in try of “ Parvinn Etesami “ (one of the best women poets of Iran ). Since there are numerous paintings and paintings of Fath Ali and his courtiers in different buildings, the garden was famous. The palace and gardens in their early days has been a large extent as well as according to references south entrance was located in “ Baharestan “ Square and in east side its reached to “ Darvaze Shemiran “ and west entrance its opend to “ Safi ali Shah “ square. Garden gallery has seen many political historical events such as murder of free stateman “ Mirza abolghasem Faeahani “ In order of “ king Mohammad ali “ and his agents. Officials of this Beautiful Museum_garden Have declaredThis place will change to Museum of History and figures Tehran University.If You want to trip to Iran, we help you to introduce Iran attractive places and we invite you to visit Our amazing packages in Our website.Please introduce us to your friends and follow us on social medias