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Trip to Iran for visit ancient palaces

4.5 out of 5

“ Apadana “ Palace is one of the Iran attractive places, if you are going to Trip to Iran“ Khozestan “ province is in your travel plan, you should to allocate Time for visit this historical place. “ Apadana “ Palace was winter alcazar of “ Arachamend “ kings. This palace was built in order of “ great Darius “ in 515 _ 521 B.C. the walls made of Bricks and columns made of stones. This castle has made of different parts such as “ public palace “, “ Harem bar” and “ Reception hall “ and also three Big central yards. The interior space has designed perfectly that cause to your mouse will get open. this walls has Glazed brick with paint of “ eternal Army “ ( Eternal army is name of one of the ancient Iran Armies who were perfect in war, had special forms and weapon and I swear loyalty to the last drop of blood, “ Winged Lion “ and The lotus flower that the remains of these Role and reliefs has kept in indoor and outdoor museums.The area of “ Apadana “ palace is about 10434 Meters square and other names of this place was “ Apadaneh “ court Has been rebuilt by “ Artaxerxes II “ (second Aredeshir in persian language. The central palace has 56*56 Dimension and has 36 columns with height of 20 meter and has built with Cow-head Columns. In totally in this historical site has been revealed 110 rooms and palaces. In 1880, a group of French archaeologists have unearthed the palace and transfer big parts of these object to their county and nowadays you can observe these historical objects in “Louvre museum”.If You want to trip to Iran, we Help you to more introduce Iran attractive places and if you prepare ticket from Iran travel agencies, you can consulate with us for receive any information