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Trip to Iran for visit main Iran attractive places

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Due to the importance of historical “ Sarsakhti hill “ as the one of the Iran attractive places that loops of cultural sequence of the different periods in its place that discovery of 7000 years and 5000 years bounes in this site shows this subject. This hill is located in “ Markazi “ province in heart of Iran. in report of “Irna” (formal international press network) this place is source of 2 culturally important prehistoric era. “Komijan” , “shazand” and “Varkaroud” cites located in the East and central Zagros and other cities are part of the central plateau of Iran. “ Shazand “ city because of locating on the path way to Iran plateaue and geographic position has historical archaism. This city has 41 historical hills that each one has archaism as long as history. According to discovered two Skeleton by the explore team and after the necessary note, transferred to “ chahr fasl “ museum ( four seasons museum ) Were exposed to public view. discovered Skeleton in the hills due to alkaline soil type of the area, was left intact that was found in process of layer of encryption hill.In the study of layer of this historic hill, the courses of different sequence was observed such as objects belongs to Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Discharger, metal era and sasanid era and finally in islamic era and its shows depth of history in this local And discovered skeletons need for additional studies and DNA investigate, In this regard,did necessary soil sampling to make historical investigation to conclude. Build a museum site in this area can protect hills and its objects. Due to importance of hill official wants to contribute investor for investments for build museum site that can cause to increase trip to Iran and introduce Iran attractive places to travel lovers.