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In keep on yesterday post we continue about one of the boldest Iran attractive places that it can be reason for whomever interested in trip to Iran. History Construction and repair the “Hafez “ tomb. Abot 750 years ago “ Shamse din Yaghmae” the minster of “ Goorkani” king in shiraz decided to built dome above the tomb and built water pool In front of structure that it filled by “ Rokn Abad “ water. This structure repaired in “ zandian era “ about 500 years ago and once again its repaired in order of “ Nader king “ in “AFSHARIAN” era but main changes happened in order of “ Karim kahn Zaznd “ that installed a marble stone that it remains till now and also built big garden front of tomb. The north area of tomb has sourronded by Orange trees and there is tow big pools in west and east side which both of them are water source of garden. “ Hafez introducing “ section in 330 meters area and library in 440 meters square and shop of cultural products are located in north part of “ Hafezieah ”. Headstone is height of one meter from the ground and is surrounded by five rows of circular stairs. Cistern is located under four porch columns. This cistern is in channel form is located in twenty porch portrico and divide yard in two part as well as tomb is located in north part. West Yard In the behind of “ Ghavam “ tomb is located green space with pool on the beyond and “ Saheb deivani “ tomb and entrance of “ Ghavam” tomb is located in this yard. East Yard In the north side of this yard, is a wall with fourteen arches that “ Moadel “ dynasty tombs, are here. Any way this place has suggested by more Iran travel agencies is nice destination for history and lecture lovers. If you want to trip to Iran and wanna more about Iran attractive places keep in touch with us for receive and tourism service