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Trip to Iran for traditional shopping

4.5 out of 5

“Big tehran Bazaar” is one of the Iran attractive places in heart of capital, this bazaar is one of the best places for shopping and if you want to trip to Iran, this place can help you to buy Souvenir as Memento From Iran.This old Bazaar has sourrended by main Tehran Street : “ Molavi “, “ Topkhaneh ”, “ Panzdah Khordad “ and “ Khayam “ streets.“ Sir Thomas Herbert “, in his travelogue in about 350 years ago (Safavid era ) describes the Tehran Bazaar lacks roof. Bazaar of Tehran’s is most important centers of trade and commerce. And because of its long history and archaism of the most spectacular in Tehran. According to the available evidence, the original building reaches to “ Shah Tahmaseb Safavi “ era, At the same time construction of the fort and the gates of Tehran.The old sections of Bazaar has covered by dome and vaults and brightness product by embeded several pores in the roofs and domes.Traditional atmosphere and roofed Bazaar can be interesting for everyone. According to “ Sanio doleh “ handwritting four sides of bazaar added in “ Fath ali king ”. the four small and large sides of Bazaar was built in “ Fath ali Shah “ era. In this time complex developed towards to North west and west. So that gradually the contour between the citadel and the mosque became thriving market And the most famous and prestigious “Saraha” and “Timcheh” were active in this area. In this Time period different sections were: Shoemakers Bazaar, Carpet Bazaar, “Abbasi” Bazaar, Goldsmith Bazaar, “ Chahr soghe kuchak ” Bazaar, “ Chehel Tan “ Bazaar, smith Bazaar and … The reason of main attract this places is traditional atmosphere and shopping that cause to the passengers who trip to Iran wanna visit this place as one of the main Iran attractive places in capital. In future post we describe more about Bazaar in separate, dont loss the chance of visit Iran by one of the best Iran travel agencies please follow us on social medias