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Trip to Iran for Visit Best Iran attractive places

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Our today post is keep on yesterday’s post. As well as we described Tehran Bazaar as one of the Iran attractive places is destination for Iran travel agencies, because of its traditional atmosphere and its cause to you will have new feeling that you haven’t had before. Many of Iran lovers who trip to Iran look for historical places which cause to have nice feeling and this Bazaar can make you this sense. In the “ Naser Khosro “ street , near bazzar , were “Timcheh” and “ Bazaarcheh” that nowadays remains of them are visitable such as “ Marvi Bazaarcheh “ and “ Sadre azam Timcheh “ belong to “ Fath ali shah “ period. You can observe these parts that each one is consist of Iran attractive places, are: The main entrance of bazaar in “ Sabze meydan” square “ Amir ” Bazaar “ Chahr soghe Bozorg ” “ Hajeb ‘o dole ” Timcheh “ Aladoleh ” “ Gheysreah ” Bazaar and “ Mahdeiah ” and also another parts of Bazaar that connected to “ Imam “ mosque, main mosque and another historical monuments. the original building of “Sabze meydan“(Green Square) in the north side of Bazaar complex reaches to “ Safavid period “. But in the “ Qajar ” era , in order to “ Amir Kabir “ major change in the state of “ Sabze meydan ” square. Green Square on the south side, there is the beautiful entrance towards to Bazaar. The headache of entrance is wider and busier than others.“ Hajeb o dole” Timcheh is located naear of “ Imam “ mosque and is one of the valuable structures of Bazaar that has built in “ Naserdin king “.In additional of this you can visit important museums near bazaar.If you want to trip to Iran and you have not introduce with Iran travel agencies, can keep in touch with us for receive any information about Iran tourism