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Sarvestan palace, a reason for trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Iran as the one of the ancient countries in the world because of have a lot of ancient places has one of the boldest country for visit. If you want to trip to Iran you should know more about Iran attractive places or if you Trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies want to introduce main Iran attractive places to you. As you know we have a post per day for describe main Iran attractive places and Iran tourism news. Iran is land of ancient castles and these place usually are destination for more Iran Travel agencies. Our today post is about “ sarvestan “ complex . this historical site is located in heart of Iran , In “ Fars “ province, 9 K.M from “ sarvestan “ city. The area of this historical site as about 25 hectares. This palaces has built in “ King Bahram “ time,in “ Sasanid “ era. This palace has built by “ Mehr narsi “ his famous minister. The palace was built of stone and plaster and has square form shape porch with 13 meters length and wide and 18 meters height and in the yard you can observe beautiful dome in central part. This palace is like to “ Firooz Abad “ palace and has beautiful arches that made of Bricks. It is the most magnificent palaces of the Sassanid era and has three main sections consist of entrance place, central dome and yard. This structure has complex architecture than another monument of this era. This structure has complex architecture than another monument of this era. We will talk more in tomorrow post. If you want to know more about Iran and you are going to visit Iran we invite you to visit our website. Our packages has designed in seven subcategory for any taste. Gapa tour as one of the best Iran travel agencies has many surprise for travel to Iran, stay tuned with us for receive any tourism information