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In the keep on yesterday we want to describe more “ Sarvestan “ places. This place is one of the Shiraz and Iran attractive places and is destination for Iran travel agencies and because of locating near another historical monuments is popular place for whomever interested in Trip to Iran. This province is one of the richest provinces in terms of have historical monuments. The architecture of “ Sarvestan “ palace The main view is located in south side and is consist of central porch and two porches in two sides. Main entrance connected to main palace and after that connected to four yards. To strengthen domes used circular earrings “ Goshvareh . additional to this subject used columns as walls protection. The monuments remains can observe in environment palace on the hills. Generally map of this palace show us unique architecture of “ Sdasnid “ era. The historians believes this place is inspire of euro “ Gothic “ architecture. Some researchers Sassanid architecture, according to advanced techniques in outline and details of structure, its belongs to The late “Sassanid” era. The name of this palace can visited in historical sources. According to the archaeologists and scholars have offered different statements about this structure but most of them this place belongs to “ sasanid era “. Many of researches compare this place by “ Firooz abad castle “ but thispalace has more complete architecture and has more beautiful arches. The rooms has not built in Symmetry and has designed in dreamatic way. If you want to Trip to Iran and want to know more about Iran attractive places can keep in touch with us. “ Gapa tour “ as the one of the best Iran travel agencies help you to memorable Travel to Iran