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“ shiraz “ city because of has many valuable Iran attractive places, is one of the most important cites in terms of locating historical monument which has perfectly known tourism city between passengers and is main destination Approximate for all Iran travel agencies, If you want to trip to Iran, should to read today post that is about Amazing“ Naghshe Rostam” complex. “ Naghshe Rostam ” is name of historical site where is located in “ zangi Abad “ village, in the north of “ Marv dasht “ city, 6 K.M from “ Perspolis or Takhte jamshid “ site. This historicakl site is vonsisit of structures belong to “ Ilamian “, “ Achaemenian “ and “ Sasanid ” era and was attention 1200 B.C till 625 A.D because of locating Because the tomb four “ Achaemenid “ kings, Several important events Sassanian reliefs role, “ Kabe zartosht “ Structure and destruction “ ilami “ structure. This place was important place in Iran in “ Sasanid era “ (about 1500 years ago).In the past, this name place was “ Se gonbad “(three domes) or “Do gonbadan” (two domes) where was known between local people as “ Haji abad mount “, “ stakhr mount”. The oldest part of “ Naqsh-e Rustam “ is the role and relief belongs to Elamite period that were depicted king and queen of the gods and goddesses but in “ Sasanid era” (king second Bahram)cleared parts of them and caved His role and his courtiers instead of them. “ Kaabe zartosht “ is name of structure made of stones, tower shape form and it uses has not been determined yet. In three corners of structure, are two inscription belongs to “ First shapoor king ” and “ kartir king ” that in terms of historicality are so valubale. If you want to trip to Iran and wanna stay in Iran, its better you use to Iran travel agencies that has great experiences, in future post we describe more about this historical place