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Iran attractive places

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In the second post of “ Iranian architecture “ we are going to describe more about this reason of trip to Iran and we understand why Iran attractive places are most popular places for tourists who has Travel to middle east. If you use to Iran travel agencies for travel to Iran, they probably give you information about Iran attractive places but these data are not enough. If you want to know more Mysterious Iran stay tuned with us for read daily post.Iran architecture with ancient archaism is one of the most Authenticity Styles in the world. Yesterday we talked about pre Islam architecture styles. The styles after Islam are consist of 1-“ khorasani style “ (Safarian, Taherian , Ghaznavian and … ) about 1050 till 950 years ago such as “ Jame mosque of Naeen” and “ Jame Isfahan Mosque “ (main and biggest mosque of city ). 2- “ Razi “ Style “ eleventh century after jesus birthday till mongolia attack” which consist of these subcategories “ Samanian “ such as tomb of Esmaele Samani “ Ghaznvian “ such as “ Gonbade Kavoos tower” “ Salgooghian “ such as “ Kharghan towerts” “ Kharazmshahian “ 3-“ Azari “( Ilkhanian and Teymoorian)from the first of 6th century, such as “ Soltanieah “, “ Tabriz arg ”, “ jame mosque of Varamin”, “ Gohar shad “ mosque , “ Bi bi khanum mosque in the samarghand”, “ Abdolsamade Esfahani tomb “, “ Goore Amir ( grave of Amir ), Amazing “ Jame mosque of Yazd “ and “ Menarjonban tower “ that we suggest all places because each one has its elegance and sure all place are really eye-catching specially “ Yazd jame mosque” and “ Menar jonban “ where both of them are destination for Iran travel agencies and every one had trip to Iran if have gone to these places get excited in terms of gratness and being wonderfully of these places. 4- “ Isfahani “ style such as “ Chehel sotoon” (fourty columns) and “ sheikh Lotf allah Mosque” 5- “ contemporary style “ about 150 years ago till now