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Trip to Iran for more introduce with Pure Iranian architecture

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In the keep on post about Iranian architecture, today we are going to survey more about this important factor for trip to Iran. “ Iranian architecture “ has 8000 years old architecture which at least 6000 years annex. If you want to Trip to Iran or want to more know about Iran attractive places stay tuned with us . Most important elements has used in Iranian Architecture consist of 1_Social orientation and architecture 2_Culture and dynamic principles 3_The principle of order and unity The main factor of unity and harmony of the past architecture of the orientation and religious beliefs. Religious tendencies that main factor of it’s core is oneness.Original architecture has tried to regulate human living space. Iranian architecture is trying to achieve a unity an expression of unity in diversity and diversity in the world . The order of the universe that inspired the architects of Iran 4_ same rules for Iranian architecture Input space as an element of comparison with other architectural spaces and has important place between Iranian Architect. This element has connector role between inner Spaces and Outer spaces Therefore design to be built, in accordance with the functional and physical characteristics . some times Architecture use signs above Entrance of Structures such as “ Yazd main mosque “. 5_ same rules in the yards A central space with geometric arrangement, Related introspective around spaces, Based organization, Patent and inspire From the garden, which is closely interaction with the climate. , 6_ rules in Geometry Architecture guide and coordinate geometry to provide proportionality principles, In all the process related to the development of a work of architecture, relationship. Niaresh close cooperation, geometry. If you are fan of Iran attractive places and want to More specifically introducing with Iran attractive places, keep in touch with us. “Gapatour” is one of the best Iran travel agencies helps your dreams come true