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The embossed roll belongs to “ First Mhrdad

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“ Khong Ajdar “ or “ Tange Noroozi “ is name of one the Iran attractive places where is located in west south of Iran, In “ Khoozestan “ Province, 15 K.M From “ Izeh “ city. This area has amazing historical places where are destination for more Iran travel agencies and visiting the attraction places of this area is one of the reason of Trip to Iran such as amazing water structures of “ Susa “ that has global fame and as the one of the boldest middle east structure and one of the most important water structures in the world has registered in UNESCO organization additional of this more than one hundred historical and natural places can be good reason to Trip to Iran and specially for Trip to this local.There are two embossed roll and reliefs rocks on the stone. One of them is belongs to “ Elamite “ period about 4000 years ago and another one is belongs “ Ashkanian “ period about 1800 till 2000 years ago. The role of “ Elamite “ has almost disappeared, but the role of “ Ashkani ” is recognizable. The role belongs to Ashkani period shows a king who stand with two Pigeons that one of them carry of power ring, in another side three persons stand who first is priest and has fruit such as pine on his hands and another two persons probably are Guardians. If you want to Trip to Iran and this places is not on your travel plans, you can want to Your Iran travel agencies for hold tour for visit this and another Iran attractive places Please follow us on social medias and introduce us to your friends