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Trip to Iran for visit best natural Iran attractive places

4.5 out of 5

Our today post is about one of the amazing natural Iran attractive places where is located in east south of Iran, in ten kilometer from “ Kahir “ city . this place is less known between Iran travel agencies and if you are interested in natural views, we suggest this place to visit . The name of this place is “ Balbalook” hill is unique natural phenemon that has two Gates which get out waters and mud and another one get Out Gas. If we get matches from opening, then the span of fire burns and it will remain lit until we turn it off and When flares, create beautiful landscapes. The location of this phenemon is changed every several years and it opens from another place. The activity of this get more and rainy seasons. Another interesting point about this place is local people use the gases has exited from the gates for healing the sickness such as skin sickness and Itching of the body and relieving muscle pains. This place has this talent for attract tourists to this place. This place is one of the richest place in terms of natural places and many of Iran attractive places are loacted in this area of Iran. if you want to trip to Iran by one of the Iran travel agencies or individuality we suggest you visit historical places of this area such as “ Burn city “ where is one of the oldest places of Iran and has obtained many valubale objects in this area and also natural places of “ Siatan and Baloochestan “ province such as relaxing and beautiful deserts, “ lipar “ lake where has pink water where attracts thousands tourist per years or march mounts where has amazingand eye-catching viewsFollow us on social medias and introduce us to your friends