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Trip to Iran for visit Best historical Iran attractive places

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Dokane Davood “ (cell of david) is name of one of the Iran attractive places that is destination of several of Iran travel agencies and Also whomever interested in Trip to Iran. this historical place is located in “ Kermanshah “ province where is one of the richest provinces of Iran in terms of historicality. This historical place is belongs to “ Mad ” and “ Arachamind “ era more than 2000 years ago . this “Crypt-grave” have craned in heart of stone and has height from the land and there is not path for enter the Crypt-grave in the surface. A grave yard is located under this place, people have burrialed their deads from 2000 years ago till now with various ways. Inside the tomb there are five niches for the placement of nests and an oval grave and has porch in front of entrance Its length is 60/9 meter in front and 32/7 meter in the back. Tomb has 95.1 meter width and has 6.2 meter height. Porch has decorated. In eight meters distance below this groove, the shape of a rectangular frame is shaved onto an older crateInside the new frame carved the figure is full-height with a pink half. This person has a dress and a hat on his head that has covered his hairs ad ears. Has “ Berasmi “ on one of his hands and another one is up in pray form shape.If you want to Trip to Iran and want to know about Iran travel agencies, we invite you to visit our site for visit perfect travel packages with special condition this place which these packages are unique between all ockges of Iran travel agencies.Please follow us on social medias and introduce us to your friends