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In this terms “ Lut ” desert name goes to Guinness again

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Iran attractive places are consist of historical places and Natural places, In this way we want to describe new about one of the boldest These Natural places where is interested places for whomever will have or had Trip to Iran. “ Lut “ desert is name one of the central deserts Of Iran where is boldest Destination Of Iran Travel agencies, we described a lot before about this place. In this terms “ Lut ” desert name goes to Guinness. An Italian rider wants to go on a 80km long day in the Lut desert to record his name in Guinness Book. This is the runner ” Paolo Venturini,” who is an Italian adventurer and he is famous person for adventurers and also in social medias. He goes 80 km long On the “ wheat barley “ of the “ Lut desert ”, the hottest desert point of the world the 30th of July. The reason he chose this day to run is to register his record at the hottest temperature. Two Guinness expert and a cameraman are going to run this runner so Lut desert is named for Guinness Book for the first time.The 49-year-old runners stayed in the “ Lut “ Desert for 4 days and considered one day to run.The spark of this decision was made when last year at the Lut Marathon Desert, where he decided to register in the Desert a record in his name.This desert because of its beautiful views is choosed place for holding tours for many of Iran travel agencies. We suggest Nights of this desert for whomever want to find his inner peace. You will visit Stars on milky way on the clear sky in the pure silence of desert. For want to know more about Iran attractive places keep in touch with us and introduce us for whomever want to trip to Iran.