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Unique Historical village, A reason for Trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

“ Meymand “ village is name of one of the Historical villages where is Nice reason For visit this village and another Iran attractive places of this area. One of the plans of Iran travel agencies is visit this village with Hold Tour in desert with camel Riding. “ Meymand “ is rocky village On Heart of Iran, In “ Kerman “ province. The archaism Of this village reaches to 7000 – 8000 years ago. The name Of village Confirmed in UNESCO Organ in 4 July 2015. The atmosphere Of this rocky Village is different from another same Rockies villages such as “ kapadokeye “ in Turkey. One of these Factors is Life in “ Meymand “ means still and people Living in village Today and this is Excellence than another villages. If You want to Trip to Iran and want to experience feeling living in The Historical Homes that many of them reaches to “ Sassanid “ era.Is an anniversary reminder Humans instead Search God in inner existance, Looked For God In the mountations. The mountain was a sign of steadfastness, strength, and determination. This ancient monument is certainly one of the first human settlements in Iran. A time when Iranians were still merciful and considered the mountains sacred. Humans have broken the rocks and left a memorial that today remains a symbol of determination and determination of the ancestors of Iran, after many years. Still, no one really knows who came up with this collection and what their motives were for building such buildings. Types of Buildings are considered Main Iran attractive places the another same places where are suggest are “ Masooleh “ of “ Fooman “ in the North or “ Kandovan “ in the west north. All these places are favorite destination for Iran travel agencies too, we will talk more about “ Meymand “ in tomorrow post.