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Trip to Iran with us for visit historical village

4.5 out of 5

If you looking for a place for feeling a pure traditional life, we invite you to Trip to Iran, additional to visit amazing Historical places you can Stay many Nights in mysterious “ Meymand “.The documents have been submitted for participation in the “ Big Agha Khan “ architecture contest and there are also steps to register the world of Meymand. According to legends of Meymand, one day the village returns to the old glory by a man coming from the sun.The meaning of “ Meymand “ are different and that’s not clear which one is most correct. Some people believe that Meymand’s term and vocabulary are two (mi) and (mand) words that (mi) means wine and (mand) meaning drunk and drunking, But the philosophical interpretation of this term is that since the village was excavated before Islam, the men of these areas are being injured and drunk, causing these holes to be drunk. Others are of the opinion that the term “Meymand” was a source of peace and blessings. Village has historical inscription that Text of that means to : “ When the mountains in Meymand slot and the legends of Meymand will come true, the treasures of Meymand will emerge and only one person can find that he comes from the sun.”The people of this village, instead of years of interrupting relations with the surrounding towns and villages, and the domestic village marriage, have only caused the genetic purification of this generation.“ Bathroom “ of “ Meymand “ is one of the Iran attractive places.One of the wonders of these houses is traditional “ Khazaneh “ and this is place that many of Iran travel agencies bring you to this place as First place in this village.Please for order any request keep in touch with us. We welcome your feedback and suggestions