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2500-year-old “ Gonabad “ Aqueduct is one of the wonders of Iranian civilization

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2500-year-old “ Gonabad “ Aqueduct is one of the wonders of Iranian civilization If You research in Iran History, you reaches to many wonders Iran attractive places. Number of Iran attractive places are too much which Iran Travel agencies don’t know selected which one for their travel plans . Iran because of its hot and dry climate in central area, used to Aqueduct. In fact Iranian are first Aqueduct inventor which pass the waters in channels on underground.ghostbah is the greatest gonabad Aqueduct and perhaps one of the wonders of the civilization of human history that has attracted many of historians and whomever interested in Trip to Iran from the past.(“ Gonabad “ is name of one of the historical cites and is located in east North of Iran. The main course of the this aqueduct, which is 131,355 meters long, is drilled along the “Khanty” valley and the depth of the mother’s well is more than 200 meters. A fragment of scattered pottery around the wells of this field indicates that the field is located at the main channel of the Aqueduct, which was drilled during the ” Achaemenid ” period, followed by other dug holes in the dungeon. The Gonabad desert landscape except the aqueduct that transports water from aquifers in depths of hundreds of meters to Earth. There is no other source of water, including permanent springs and rivers, and it is clear that the need for interconnection is a reliable source of water supply. These types of wells are drilled in two reasons:1_ They can not choke the Aqueduct at the time of the invasion and invasion of the enemy2_ for reduce the weight of ropes to raise waterThe main branch of length 6403 meters was first drilled along the north to the south, and in subsequent periods it was necessary to separate the branches of the sub branch to the southwest from the main branches. Best way of Trip to Iran is using Iran travel agencies that has shining experiences. Please follow us on social medias