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Trip to Iran for visit historical inscription

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Koorangan “ is name of one of the Iran attractive places because of being near to another historical places, is destination for Iran travel agencies and also whomever want to Trip to Iran. this stones inscription is located in near of “ Se talan “ village, Near Nurabad, Mamasani is located on a body of one of the mountains called Korangon Mountain, with a height of about 100 meters. It is on the edge of a deep abyss and on the edge of the great “ Fahlian “ river, and is likely to belong to “ Godai “, the king of “Elamite”. This prominent role is the worship of a holy couple, and 72 other small and bigger images of worshipers around that have been eroded over time.It should be noted that an example of the prominent Khorangan has been seen in the rocks of Rostam’s rocks, which remained until the second half of the third century, but later disappeared during the reign of the Sassanid kings, and the embossed sculpture in “ Second Bahram king “ was carved on it.The archaism of this stones inscription belongs to between 3500 – 4500 years ago, It was engraved by the Elamites on the summit of a rocky rock that is steeped overlooking the Fahliyan River and was first reported scientifically by the renowned German archaeologist “ Ernst Hertzfeld “.Dr. Mehrdad Bahar, a well-known Iranian mythologist in Myth and Culture, reminded that this role is probably the role of the god “Nepish” with a goddess probably “Kirishna”.He is a god of mountains and water who sits on a bed of a spittoffy serpent and holds the head of the snake with his left hand, and on his right hand there is a fountain of water that is likely to be forgiveness and sanctification to him, and this water after Those two branches are dedicated to the supporters and priests and partly to the king and followers.If you don’t introduce with Iran attractive places and want to Trip to Iran with Iran travel agencies or individuality we can help you in the best way