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Trip to Iran for visit Historical places

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If you ask about Iran attractive places from whomever had Trip to Iran, probably they tell you about amazing palaces, specially “ tehran “ as capital of Iran. this city is known as city of palaces and halls between tourists and also Iran travel agencies. Our today post is about one of this places that is located Out of capital.“ Kalat or Khorshid “ palace (sun palace) is one of the Iran attractive places where has built in order of “ King Nader “ about 350years ago for For accommodations and treasures for jewels and spoils. “ Kalat “ in local language means to tower, In the past built tower in four side for Guard. This amazing palace is located in 150 K.M from “ Mashhad “ city, in East of Iran. House building operations continued throughout the kingdom of “ Nader Shah “,And even until the last years of Nader Shah’s life, was under construction. Because the beautiful three-letter inscription “Sura Naba”, written around the space around the dome, pointed to this subject. This monument is located in center of big garden and is consist of three floars. Its height was about 25 meters in the past, but at the moment due to the failure of the third floor, its height is not more than 20 meters. The first floor is an 8-gauge pillar on a four-story pillar. The entrance to the palace is located at the octagonal side, leading to the palace’s main hall.The palace has a total of 12 rooms, which each one has decorated with paintings and stucco.In the middle of this octagonal building, a cylindrical tower, is located in two floors, where were the residence of the king and his family. The beauty of this palace is in congressional exterior of the building, which related to architecture of the “ Gurkani-Hindu” architecture If you want to Trip to Iran by one of the Iran travel agencies, can keep in touch with us for receive any information