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Trip to Iran for visit capital of Silky carpet in the world

4.5 out of 5

One of the main Iranian handicrafts is Silky carpet that are one of the souvenirs Of whomever interested In Trip to Iran and also many of Iran travel agencies bring Out you to the shopping for buy these elegance items. Iran with most sharing of selling the carpets is Leading in this field. In Iran Carpet has vision in each Iranian life and you can observe the colorful beautiful carpets under Iranian Feet in every houses, we should find the agent of this subject in the ancient archaism of carpet between Iranian therefore in TEHRAN you can visit the carpet museum and if you use to Iran travel agencies and visit this place is not in your travel plan, you can want to Get visit this place in Your plan and Exist the place like this shows the importance place Of carpet between Iranian People. The carpet industry has long been commonplace among the nomads and villagers If you want to Trip to Iran you can benefit from this valuable score and prepare a carpet for Memorial from Iran.Today “ Ghom “ city is main exporter of silk carpets that experts Nicknamed the capital Of silk capital in the world as well as more than ninety Percent of provide and produce the carpets Of this city exports to out of border of Iran. “Ghom“ handmade carpets, depending on the variety of designs, colors, pearls, type of texture and fibers used in it, is Excellent sample of Iranian carpet and could reaches to nice place due to the powerful rivals such as “ Tabriz “ and “ Yazd “.The most common designs in Qom are: “ Bakhtiari brickwork, geometric joushaghani, Bateh, tree, mahrabi, hunting ground, Lechak bergh Shah Abbasi and Afshan, Flowering, Beregniye simple plain, Flowering flower, Potlini Zalel-Soltani, Inscription and … “