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Trip to Iran For visit handmade caves

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Historical caves are one of the Iran attractive places where are interested places for whom ever interested in Trip to Iran and also For several Iran travel agencies such as “ Kalmakareh “ and “ ali sadr “ in “ Hamedan” or “ dahahoo “ in “ Lorestan “ Province. Our today post is about one of these Iran attractive places. “ Sang Tarashan “ is name of one of the mysterious caves in Iran. this hand-made cave is located almost in Central area of Iran, In “ Fars “ province, near of beautiful “ Jahrom “ and has 3 K.M from Jahrom. The other names of this cave are “ Sang shekanan “ and “ sang shekan “ . This unique magnificent cave is located at the beginning of the Qalat valley and below the back of its eastern side. Cave is a collection of openings and pillars that are seen as cross-corridors. It is referred to as the world’s largest artificial cave. Several sandstone were used in this place. The length and width of the openings and the size of the columns are different. The length of the cave is about 350 meters and its width is 150 meters and covers an area of ​​about 4 hectares. ts height is 3 to 4 meters, at the end it is less than one meter and has a total of 12 craters and 100 columns. Its slope is steep and its surface is covered with a soft layer of calcareous soils. The date of harvesting the stone in this form and from inside the cave was about 350 years ago (Safavid) by a person named “ Kazem Kha “, son of “ Khaje Ismail “. In this place has obtained important tools used by the crusher and stone maker were two-headed saws, a sledgehammer, a hammer, an acne, a knife, a lever, a teeth, a sow hole, a pen, a yarn and soot, small hand-saws, small hand-drills, a ruler and a goniate.If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna know more about Iran attractive places and our experts can guide you If you use to Iran travel agencies