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Trip to Iran for visit Best Iran attractive places

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If you had Trip to Iran, probably visit amazing “ Isfahan ”. many of bold Iran attractive places are located in this city, so we decide to talk about One of the popular destination For Iran travel agencies. Stay tuned with us For receive information about Iran attractive places in “ Isfahan “. “ Sofhe” is the name of a mountain from the Zagros Dynasty in the southern geographical Isfahan. From the north to the belt road, from the west to the mountains of Takhte Rostam and the Valley of Khan, from the east to the settlements and residential complexes, and to the south to the open lands and the railroad.Considering the historical background of Isfahan and some objective evidence, it is likely that the mountain of “Sofhe” has been used by people as a base and shelter for many times, and the method of construction and architecture of the Castle of “Sofhe” Mountain resembles other Sassanid castles. Mount “Sofhe” has an area of ​​100 hectares of green space.. Sufeh Mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Isfahan and on Friday morning it hosts a huge number of nature lovers, especially young people. Also, the view of the city of Isfahan is very spectacular from the slopes and peaks of this mountain. The Wind Crane is also one of the attractions of this region. The bowling hall with an area of ​​about 1000 square meters, a zoo, playground and caves and various springs cause to change this place as the one of the known Iran attractive places between Tourists.At the bottom of this mountain there is spring water sorce called “khachik”. Telecabin e of Park has two different lines which The first station is located in the telecabin parking lot and raises passengers up to the garden’s garden station.If you want to Trip To Iran, Use Iran travel agencies that has shinig experiences in Tourism industrial.