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Get relaxing in Your Trip to Iran

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In the keep on yesterday post we want to describe more about “ Sofhe “ mount where can be nice place for resting and relaxing so if You want to Trip to Iran, we invite you additional to visit historical Iran attractive places in “ Isfhan” ( Isfhan is one of the main destination Of Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in Trip to Iran). We invite you to introduce with different parts of “ Sofhe “. Climbing One of the important features of the mountain is the existence of large and tall cliffs in different parts of the country. It is a great opportunity for expanding climbing sport in Isfahan region in terms of climbing and climbing training.Sofhe’s caves Mount Sufa has more than 14 small and large caves. Including:“ KasraCave”: This cave is located next to a wind turbine in the windfall.“Anjir Cave” : Located on the western front of Mount Sofah“Ghnbar Cave”: Located on the eastern side of the mountain and above the Khachik Fountain. The cave and its bottom wall are usually used by beginners to train rock climbing“Seven Springs Cave”: Located on the south side of the mountain and next to a set of several springs. To access this complex, a special road was created by the municipality of Isfahan Artificial waterfall To further beautify the park’s space, an artificial waterfall has been embedded in the heart of the mountain. Outgoing water is collected after about 100 meters in ponds and then used to irrigate the park’s environment. In the end should say about another Iran attractive places which is nominate City in terms of Tourism industrial. You can get rest and stay in elegance and amazing “ Abbasi “ Hotel where is nominate hotel as most beautiful hotels of middle east according to C.N.N report. If you want t Trip to Iran and wanna use from one of the Iran travel agencies m should reserve early.Please follow us on social medias.