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Trip to Iran for visit Accommodation of devils!

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“ Ghesham “, is name of  island in south of Iran. this destination of Iran travel agencies is located in “ Persian Gulf ”.  several of amazing Natural Iran attractive places are located in this island. One of these Iran attractive places is wonderful “ vally of stars”. We invite you to read continue Of today post.The valley of stars is about 2 million years old, caused by the erosion of soil, rock and sand caused by wind, rain and storms. This masterpiece of nature is related to “ Cenozoic “ geological period. According to Anobanini, local People believe that a star has fallen from the sky and has created mysterious shapes of soil and rock and sand.If You heading towards From the city of “ Gheshm ” to southern coast, it reached the “ Berke Khalaf “ village.After a star collapsed in this place and caused a severe impact, the soil was raised from the ground and dried up in any shape that appeared.Some people believe that with the darkening of the air, this valley has become a place of ghosts and devils.The features and visions of the valley of the stars led to the registration of the valley as part of “ Gheshm “ Island “ Geopark “ as a natural phenomenon in the UNESCO Organization. Qeshm Geo Park is the only geo-park of the Middle East with natural and historical beauty. The sharp tips, erosion pillars and columns, arches, blades and strip walls are among the parts that are seen in the valley