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Trip to Iran for visit registered city in UNESCO

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“ Yazd” is known name between perfect tourists because of locating several Bold Iran attractive places in this city. This city is suggest city for visit between most Iran travel agencies and also is popular city between whomever interested in Trip to Iran .The historic city of Yazd was registered in UNESCO. Historic city of Yazd, as the first historic city of Iran and the twenty-first historical monument of the country, was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.After 9 years since the history of this historic city in the World Heritage List, today, Sunday (July 18th), the historic city of Yazd was registered as one of the earliest cities in the world at the 41st meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Probations that UNESCO has put forward to reject this case has taken years back and unreasonable construction that has become a serious issue for Yazd’s global registration.The historic city requires integrated management, widespread urban planning, architectural principles, and revision of engineering and construction standards. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee, at its 46th meeting in Krakow, Poland vote to register in UNESCO. The are registeration consist of more than 700 Hectares.The ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan, whose country is a member of the committee, as the first speaker of the meeting, defended Yazd’s unique historical and unique features and the city’s social and cultural life. Ambassador Kuwait was the second ambassador to Yazd. Referring to the historic structure and magnificent brickwork of this city, he noted the registration of this unique city in the UNESCO World list. The Turkish ambassador was another speaker of the summit, pointing to the multicultural character of Yazd and the peaceful co-existence of the religions of Islam, Zoroastrianism, and Kalimi, and described Yazd as a great asset to the world’s valuable heritage. Many of bold Iran attractive places where are located in Yazd “ Fire temple” “Amir Chakhmagh” “ main mosque” If You want to Trip to Iran individuality or by one of the Iran travel agencies, our experts can give you Consult.