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Trip to Iran for visit historical windmills

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Iran because of its ancient archaism always has been one of the popular countries for Travel. We can divide Iran attractive places in two Groups: Natural and Historical places. Our today post is about One of these Iran attractive places in the name of historical Grinding mills. If you are interested in Trip to Iran or You want to know about Iran attractive places, Gapa tour as the one of the Best Iran travel agencies invite you to read Our today post.Nashtefan mills are located in “ Khorasan Razavi “ Province,“ Khaf “ district, ” Nashtefan “ village. “ Khaf “ windmills are one of the largest collections of clay, muds and wood from the Safavid period ( its relate to more than 400 years ago) The largest and oldest collection in the world.The spins of these amazing windmills depends on 120_days “ Sistan “ winds.The winds that were blowing and pushing the wooden blades of these bricks led to the transfer of power to the rocks of these mills and cause to the flour wheat.This agent is One of the most significant and most impressive cultural buildings. Precise information about the emergence of bindings is not available. Most of the historians who have traveled to Iran over the centuries before they conquered Iran are to Muslims, some of them believes dating back to 1700 BC. There are also cemeteries in the way of ancient Zoroastrian tombs are located in around the city, Some residents believe that so me of the children and descendants of the kings of the Parthian dynasty (who, incidentally, ruled over Iran in Khorasan). And other hands believe that in the past, in order to keep the city safe from possible attacks and assaults around the city, the elders have been buried in order to point to the authenticity of its people.If you want to Trip to Iran or want to know more about Iran travel agencies, our experts are ready for any consulation.