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visit natural Iran attractive places, reason for Trip to Iran

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Our today post is about one of the beautiful cites of Iran. If You want to Trip to Iran By Iran travel agencies probably “ Ardebil “ as the one of the main Iran historical cities will be in your plan, should to visit “ KHalkhal” city in the way of “ Tehran- Ardebil “ Road. Khalkhal is located in the south of Ardebil province and its center is Khalkhal. Among the famous handicrafts of this city is the preparation of shawls, woolen yarns, wool carpets, plush woolen, fluffy and woven fabrics. Many of natural Iran attractive places are located in this city such as 1_Fountain of Balaği in the village of Varasabad, the best type of mineral water in Khalkhal2_Cave in the Kelly village 3_ Diamond direction in “ Khalkhal- Asalem “ Road4_ The beautiful nature of the “ Majreh “ village5_ Natural spa in “ Gaemkhaneh “ village.If you are fan of exciting Tours we suggest additional to visit our Exciting and nomad packages, visit suspension bridge in this area. In addition to enjoying good weather and adventure in pristine nature, experience the excitement through long and tall bridge. Suspended suspension bridge is 60 m from “ Dirish “ River and 165 meters long and one meter wide is the most suitable place for you. Crossing the deep valleys with its thrills, this bridge will definitely give you one of the most exciting moments.If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna visit this bridge, sure visit” Pirtaghi “ mineral water spring.This is the first bridge built in the northwest of the country, built eight years ago and has been used for research purposes, and has now become a tourist attraction. In addition to the natural and tourist attractions of the region, the mountainous area has made the climbers use this space for mountaineering endurance exercises and perform climbing altitudes in the area.Keep in touch with us for receive any information about Iran Travel agencies and also about Iran attractive places